What is a group of jellyfish called?

A group of jellyfish is called a swarm. Swarms are swim or float in the same direction in the water. A swarm that have come together in response to a stimulus, such as a predator or food source. Swarms are a common sight in the ocean and can be a source of entertainment for humans.

A group of jellyfish is called a school also. Schools are composed of jellyfish of the same species and are typically found in areas with high concentrations of food, such as near a coastline or in an area with a lot of nutrients in the water. A school is a collection of jellyfish that has been organized by its predators. The predators are typically fish or other aquatic creatures that are hunting for prey. When a school of jellyfish is spotted by a predator, the jellyfish will all momentarily orient themselves in a certain direction. This creates a “wall” of jellyfish that the predator can’t cross.

Sometimes a group of jellyfish is called a medusa. The name medusa comes from the Latin word medus, meaning “a sea monster with a head of a serpent.” A medusa is a group of jellyfish that have the ability to change their shape, often becoming a lethal predator.

A bloom is a group of jellyfish. Jellyfish blooms are a common sight in the ocean, and they can be seen from shore during the summer. Jellyfish blooms can be a nuisance, as they can block sunlight from reaching the water below and can create a stinging sensation when touched.

A jellyfish is a type of cnidarian, a phylum of animals that includes sea anemones, corals, and jellyfish. Jellyfish are very soft and have no bones. They are made up of a watery tissue that is filled with cells. Jellyfish are able to move through the water by using their tentacles.

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